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Experienced producers making audiobooks, broadcast radio and podcasts.


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The Understory, Life in the Soil

Soil is the least known ecosystem on the planet, and yet all life depends on it. In this series, author and environmentalist Isabelle Legeron, celebrates this seemingly amorphous mass.

Partnering with farmers, gardeners, scientists, psychologists, geologists and historians – Legeron’s journey takes her from the forests of Scotland to Native American communities in California, laboratories in Germany and French farms.

Isabelle Legeron with Richard Bardgett in Rannoch Forest

Listen now on the BBC World Service

Isabelle works with independent, organic winemakers around the world, making the best natural wines available through RAW WINE.

The series was produced in collaboration with the impressive Rillig Lab in Berlin. We follow in the slipstream of their excellent series Life in the Soil, produced by Anja Krieger.

With thanks to Human D for allowing use of archive material.