Experienced producers making audiobooks, broadcast radio and podcasts.

Resourceful and reliable.

Special Projects

Experienced producers making audiobooks, broadcast radio and podcasts.

Audiobook Production

We produce audiobooks for presses large and small. We are especially interested in literary books: fiction and nonfiction, books in translation and poetry. In essence we love great writing and work as collaboratively as possible with publishers, authors and narrators to make the best rendition of the book.

As the audiobook market grows globally, we are aware that surprising and different titles, some in translation, do not make it into audiobooks as the cost and time involved in production can be off-putting. We try to make this process affordable — delivering high quality at competitive prices.

We can assist in casting and know many narrators who will do a fantastic job.

Get in touch: mail@castironradio.co.uk

We are aligned with the independent presses and literary imprints and seek to cultivate an audience of books lovers for audiobooks.

We are closely affiliated with Spiracle, the new e- commerce audiobook platform which uses curation and design to bridge the gap between book lovers and high quality literature.

Spiracle seeks to empower independent publishers and literary imprints by offering frictionless, low-cost access to the audiobook market.

They offer expertly curated literary fiction and non fiction audiobooks; in other words audiobooks derived from writing that delights, excites, inspires, is memorable and unique and which is otherwise lost, unavailable or buried in the algorithms of the big audiobook marketplaces.

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