Experienced producers making audiobooks, broadcast radio and podcasts.

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Special Projects

Experienced producers making audiobooks, broadcast radio and podcasts.

Dorothy Cross: Shark, Fiona Shaw: Eileen Gray, The Missing Heart Of Design, Debora Diniz: Zika, Laurie Anderson: Living and Present, Brancusi: Column for Infinity, Valentina Tereshkova: Maiden Voyage, Baaba Maal's Kingdom of Senegalese Music, William Carlos Williams: No Ideas But In Things, Hoboing with Honeyboy, Stargazing, the Syrians and Kindertransport, Steve McQueen: Speaking in Tongues, Sean Borodale: Beekeeping, Naomi Alderman: The Intestines, Patrick McGuinness: The Ear, The Escape of the Zebra from the Zoo, Dominion, Panashe Chigumadzi, The Animals and the Philosophers, Gayathri Vaidyanathan, Antigone by Ali Smith (after Sophocles), read by Ali Smith, Lud in the Mist by Hope Mirrlees read by Eleanor Bron, Melvyn Bragg’s Cumbrian Trilogy read by Malcolm Sinclair, Beasts of No Nation by Uzodinma Iweala, read by Simon Manyonda, Dava Sobel: The Sun, Kayo Chingonyi: Blood, Frances Morris: Miroslaw Balka, Sophie Calle, Zakia Sewell: Big Drums on Little Carriacou, Alison Turnbull: Butterflies in Colombia, Yevgeny Murzin, Alexandra Horowitz: Canis Major, Llywelyn Ap Myrrdin: Russian Bells, AL Kennedy: AA, America's Gift to the World, Gabriela Montero: Improvisation Masterclass, Ella Fitzgerald: A Glorious Noise, Migraine, Okwiri Oduor: HIV Aids in Nairobi, Carlos Gardel: Tango to the New World, Emily Maitlis: Let Her Speak, Ned Beauman: I Don't Remember the War, William Fiennes: the Bowel, Hugh Muir: The Empire Strikes Black, Antony Gormley: Missing Continents at the British Museum, Imtiaz Dharker: the Liver, Kathy Clugston: the Neglected Sense, Siouxsie Sioux: Alice is Still in Wonderland, Contagious Cities, Xavier Bray: Goya, The Curator's View.

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Audiobook Production

We produce audiobooks for presses large and small. We are especially interested in literary books: fiction and nonfiction, books in translation and poetry. In essence we love great writing and work as collaboratively as possible with publishers, authors and narrators to make the best rendition of the book.

As the audiobook market grows globally, we are aware that surprising and different titles, some in translation, do not make it into audiobooks as the cost and time involved in production can be off-putting. We try to make this process affordable — delivering high quality at competitive prices.

We can assist in casting and know many narrators who will do a fantastic job.

Get in touch: mail@castironradio.co.uk

We are aligned with the independent presses and literary imprints and seek to cultivate an audience of books lovers for audiobooks.

We are closely affiliated with Spiracle, the new e- commerce audiobook platform which uses curation and design to bridge the gap between book lovers and high quality literature.

Spiracle seeks to empower independent publishers and literary imprints by offering frictionless, low-cost access to the audiobook market.

They offer expertly curated literary fiction and non fiction audiobooks; in other words audiobooks derived from writing that delights, excites, inspires, is memorable and unique and which is otherwise lost, unavailable or buried in the algorithms of the big audiobook marketplaces.

You can sign up to the (excellent) Spiracle newsletter here:


Cast Iron’s radio archive is here.

If you are interested in working with us, rebroadcasting, or using any section of a programme, please get in touch.

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The Understory, Life in the Soil

Soil is the least known ecosystem on the planet, and yet all life depends on it. In this series, author and environmentalist Isabelle Legeron, celebrates this seemingly amorphous mass.

Partnering with farmers, gardeners, scientists, psychologists, geologists and historians – Legeron’s journey takes her from the forests of Scotland to Native American communities in California, laboratories in Germany and French farms.

Isabelle Legeron with Richard Bardgett in Rannoch Forest

Listen now on the BBC World Service

Isabelle works with independent, organic winemakers around the world, making the best natural wines available through RAW WINE.

The series was produced in collaboration with the impressive Rillig Lab in Berlin. We follow in the slipstream of their excellent series Life in the Soil, produced by Anja Krieger.

With thanks to Human D for allowing use of archive material.


Special Projects

We are happily genre fluid. We can produce films, music albums — and where we cannot, we know who can.

Body Of Songs

Bringing together major musicians and clinicians to create a remarkable collection of songs, inspired by the body’s organs.

Raft of the Medusa

A 40 minute film collaboration between Richard Heslop (Visuals) and Simon Armitage (Writer) for BBC Radio 4, made to celebrate the creative life and energy of film maker and artist Derek Jarman.

Contagious Cities

An international cultural programme with the Wellcome Trust. This series of atmospheric oral Essays was commissioned in collaboration with BBC Radio 3 and recorded on location in cities around the world.

Conversations in Time

A series of conversations inspired by the American artist, critic and author, Suzi Gablik’s important book, Conversations Before the End of Time (1995).